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  • Family counsellors
  • Repatriation from abroad
  • Preparation of remains
  • Others services

Attention and trust

For over 45 years, we have multiplied efforts and innovations to offer you outstanding funeral and support services, always in keeping with our unique human approach.


Family counsellors

Respectful of the wishes as well as of the values of each family, always attentive to your needs and with the utmost professionalism, our counsellors take charge of each step of the rite of passage that is being organizing for a loved one.


Repatriation from abroad

Should you need to repatriate a loved one who has died abroad, the first thing to do is contact us. We will begin the repatriation and funeral planning processes as quickly as possible.


Preparation of remains

We handle the embalming process which consists of preparing the body of the deceased for display. Our team will conduct the preparation with respect, expertise and care.

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Other services

We know that small details make all the difference. We therefore offer you the opportunity to take charge of them.

  • Choice of caskets and urns
  • Thank-you cards and bookmarks
  • Reception halls
  • Catering service
  • Floral arrangements
  • Tombstone
  • Tombstone engraving
All of our facilities
are fully adapted
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Message to the public about Covid-19 on our website

In response to the preventive measures established by Public Health to limit the spread of COVID-19, Les Résidences Funéraires Goyer Ltd. has swiftly implemented procedures to comply with the guidelines while answering the needs of grieving families who wish to honour the memory of deceased loved ones.

Funeral rituals are unique events that hold great importance in the grieving process. In this light, we continue to offer responsible services focused on respect and dignity.

Each request is unique. We are required to host private events and adopt safe practices. We also respect family wishes to postpone rituals to a later date.

We realize that this is an extraordinary situation and we are committed to providing you with proper guidance and support despite the circumstances.