We are equipped to provide direct cremation services. Families are guaranteed a service that respects the wishes of the deceased.

What is cremation?

Dating back thousands of years, cremation (or incineration) is the process by which the body of the deceased is reduced to ashes by burning. Like interment, cremation has been a worldwide practice, however, only since 1963 has it been authorized by the Catholic Church.

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The body of the deceased is incinerated in a casket or a cremation container. Cremation chambers only hold one casket at a time. The cremation lasts one and a half to two hours and is carried out at a temperature ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 degrees Celsius. In such heat, the container, clothing and body disintegrate, leaving only bone fragments.


The ashes are placed in an urn. Urns are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. According to beliefs and values, there are several ways to dispose of the ashes of the deceased. The urn may be placed in a columbarium, buried in a cemetery or kept at home.

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