Spacious and bright, the chapel is a gathering space that can be adapted to various traditions or religious beliefs. The chapel is fitted with multimedia equipment for displaying video montages and playing music. Regardless of funeral planning, the chapel is the location of choice to gather and pay your final respects to loved ones.

Our columbaria

A columbarium is a place where are kept the urns containing the ashes of the deceased. In the event of cremation, the urn may be interred in a cemetery, kept by the family or placed in the columbarium.

Sober and elegant, our columbaria (single, double, family or communal niches) answer all of your needs and are accessible 365 days a year. You are welcome at any time to spend a quiet moment in an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace. 

All of our facilities
are fully adapted
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Message to the public about Covid-19 on our website

In response to the preventive measures established by Public Health to limit the spread of COVID-19, Les Résidences Funéraires Goyer Ltd. has swiftly implemented procedures to comply with the guidelines while answering the needs of grieving families who wish to honour the memory of deceased loved ones.

Funeral rituals are unique events that hold great importance in the grieving process. In this light, we continue to offer responsible services focused on respect and dignity.

Each request is unique. We are required to host private events and adopt safe practices. We also respect family wishes to postpone rituals to a later date.

We realize that this is an extraordinary situation and we are committed to providing you with proper guidance and support despite the circumstances.